Monday, June 3, 2013

New Week: Welcome the Perkins Family!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great long weekend! Welcome our featured family of the week, Lindsey and Dustin Perkins! The Perkins are adopting a six year old waiting boy from Bulgaria. Lindsey shared this about their adoption story:
"We decided to begin growing our family through adoption first. We hope to have biological children one day but felt the call to adopt much stronger than to have a child. Bulgaria kind of chose us! Due to our age, length of marriage, income, and other parameters we were very limited to the countries we could adopt from. Bulgaria really just fit the bill. It didn't take long for us to fall in love with the culture, and children of the country though. In October 2011 we begin this process and started our dossier. We were officially registered with the MOJ in July of 2012 to adopt a female under the age of 4 with minor or correctable needs. 3 months later we saw the picture of a 5 year old boy who was waiting for a family and knew he was our son. We've had to update several documents in order to be matched to him but the Lord saw fit that we would have him and we received the most exciting news today...Bulgaria saw fit for us to have him also!!! He has some special needs (he's special and we need him desperately), some that really have no explanation, but we have looked past those from the beginning to see a little boy who just needs to be loved. He turned 6 two weeks ago and it is our prayer to have him home by Christmas, which we definitely anticipate. There is a lot more information on our blog please feel free to jump over and check it out."

How You Can Help

1. WATCH the Perkins' video.

2. PRAY for the Perkins' adoption.
3. SHARE their video via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram,  etc. Please help us spread the word!  Lindsey and Dustin made their 1st trip to Bulgaria in May. They will travel in 4 to 6 months to pick up their son.  The Perkins need to raise $2,000 to bring their son home.

4. GIVE $1 (or more if you feel led.) You can give your tax deductible donation at Pure Charity. Just click below to donate.

Update: We have raised $82 to help the Perkins bring home their son!

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Adopting from Europe and want to be a family of the week? Send me an email at give1save1europe (at) and I'll send you an email explaining how to apply!

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