Monday, June 24, 2013

New Week: Welcome the Kramer Family

Happy Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Welcome our featured family of the week - the Kramer family! Daune and Alicia Kramer have three children,  Devin (11), Lexi (10), and Ava Mae (8). After hosting 15 year old Miranda from Latvia last year at Christmas, the Kramers have decided to adopt her. You can follow the Kramer's adoption journey at their blog.

How You Can Help

1. PRAY for the Kramer's adoption.

2. SHARE their video via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Please help us spread the word!  The Kramers are traveling on their first trip to Latvia in July to bring Miranda home. Latvia is a three trip country. Three trips adds up to a lot of travel expenses for their adoption! The good news is the Kramer's have a $4,000 matching grant, so every dollar you give will be doubled! We would love to raise $4,000 dollars this week so the Kramer's would be $8,000 closer to bringing Miranda home!

3. GIVE $1 (or more if you feel led.) You can give your tax deductible donation to the Kramer's matching grant at Promise 686. Just click below to donate.

Click here to check out the world map that will take you to the other Give1Save1 pages: US, Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia.

Adopting from Europe and want to be a family of the week? Send me an email at give1save1europe (at) and I'll send you an email explaining how to apply!

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