Monday, June 17, 2013

New Week: Welcome the McAninch Family!

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was great! This week, we are excited to feature the McAninch family. Please welcome Tammy and Guy McAninch, and their two children, Liam and Eli, to Give1Save1 Europe!

Tammy and Guy are adopting, Max, a 15 year old waiting child in eastern Europe. You can follow the McAninch's adoption on their Facebook groupThe McAninchs created this video about adopting Max! Enjoy!

Tammy shared this about their adoption journey:
"As many of you may know, we have decided to embark on a crazy beautiful adventure that was truly designed by God. We have decided to adopt a 14 year old, Eastern European boy named Max.

Let me begin by telling you a little bit about Max. He lives in an orphanage with 200 or more other children. He has strabismus (lazy eye), and he walks with a limp. He is very small for his age, and we've been told he is often picked on by the bigger children. Max desperately wants a family. He wants to be loved. He wants to be sacrificed for. He wants to be redeemed.

Guy and I have felt led to adopt since before we were married. We knew there were kids out there hurting, and we knew that we could offer them a family. Not long after we were married (almost exactly 9 months) our first son was born. He was beautiful and perfect and we loved him with our whole hearts, but we knew there was more. There was still a child still out there who needed us. A child who was searching for a family. Not long after our son was born we became licensed foster parents. Foster parenting was rewarding in so many ways, and we saw children joyfully reunited with their families. Our hearts swelled with the work God was doing, but we knew there was more. There was someone still out there who we were meant to love. Our second son was born two short years after our first and we didn't think we could love more than we already did, but our hearts grew and we loved him just as much as our first. We had two beautiful, healthy boys, but we still felt God whisper that there was more. There was still a child lost and alone who wanted a family. We prayed and trusted God to guide us, and on New Year's Day of 2013 I picked Jeremiah 29:11-13 as our verse of the year. Little did I know the comfort and reassurance this verse would bring us over the next few months as God unraveled our adoption story.

It was an ordinary day in early January filled with the busyness that toddlers bring to a family when we got an email that would change our lives forever. It was an email passed through the grapevine advocating for an Eastern European orphan named Max. There he was in our inbox telling us he wanted a family. Telling us he wanted a home and that he couldn't explain why, but he knew there was more. We felt God fill our hearts and say "This is him. This is the child I have prepared for you". We looked at each other and agreed that this was it! We immediately hit the ground running and God has grown us and guided us through this crazy adventure. We have struggled, doubted, and fell to our knees in prayer, and some how God has used us. We are weeks away from traveling to go get Max, and we are still in need of funding. We have done fundraising and more fundraising, and then topped it off with more fundraising. We are now down to the wire, and will be leaving in just a few short weeks to bring our son home. To give Max the family he has been praying for. We have generously been given a $5,000 matching grant that, if achieved, will mean Max's adoption is fully funded!"
 - Tammy McAninch

  How You Can Help


2. SHARE their video via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram,  etc. Please help us spread the word!  The McAninchs are traveling in August to bring home their son Max. They need to raise $10,000 to be fully funded for their adoption and travel expenses. The McAninchs have a $5,000 matching grant!  Every dollar given will be matched dollar for dollar! If we could raise $5,000 this week, it will be matched with another $5,000 and the McAninchs' adoption will be fully funded!

3. GIVE $1 (or more if you feel led.) You can give your tax deductible donation at Reece's Rainbow or Pure Charity. Just click below to donate on Pure Charity or click here to go to Reece's Rainbow.

UPDATE: We have raised $534! Thank you for your generous giving! Only $4,466 left to go!

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