Sunday, August 18, 2013

Update on Families

No new family this week. Instead just an update on some of the families we have featured. Some families still need to raise funds, so go to their blog and give $1 if you feel lead!

Ashby Family

In April we raised $20 for the Ashby family to adopt Drake. You can still give here. They have now received their referral and are waiting for travel dates! Follow their blog here for updates:

Jacobs Family

We raised $1,256 for the Jacobs to adopt a waiting little boy, Hamilton. They have now completed their homestudy and almost have their dossier ready to send the country in Europe where Hamilton lives! You can keep up with their story here:

Saubers Family

You gave $162 to help the Saubers family adopt Henry from Lithuania. They are still fundraising to bring their son home. You can still donate here. Follow their story here:

Jenson Family

In May, we raised $754 for the Jenson family! They have now received their official referral for Sofi Rose and expect to travel for trip 1 in September. Keep up with the Jensons here:

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