Monday, April 15, 2013

New Week: Welcome the Saubers Family!

Good Morning! This week we are featuring the Saubers Family! I know you will love meeting Jeff and Shauna and their children Manon, Jack, Landrie, and Piper. You can read more about the Saubers Family on their blog here. The Saubers are adopting Kael from Lithuania. But I will let them tell you their story! Watch their video below!

"We are adopting a little boy that just turned 3 and has Down syndrome! He does have some medical issues that need to be taken care of as soon as possible, so once we get the okay, we have to be able to go! We unfortunately had a failed domestic adoption last summer...we were devastated and we just didn't know if we were supposed to continue on with our adoption journey or not. But God spoke and once we saw his picture, we knew he was our son! Our whole family is so excited to bring this little man home and show him the love of a family!" - Saubers Family

You can help bring Kael home to his family! Share this post. Give $1 or more. The Saubers have a tax deductible donation account through Reece's Rainbow. Click the link below to donate.

UPDATE: You gave $162 to help the Saubers bring home their son. Thank you!

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