Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Photo Ideas: Announcing Plans to Adopt

When Andrew and I decided we were going to adopt, we wanted to have a fun, cute, and exciting way to share our news with our family and friends. Most of them lived a distance away. Since we couldn't share the news with everyone in person we opted for a video. I searched the internet for ideas.... There were tons of cute ways to announce a pregnancy, but not so many to announce an adoption. I finally came up with this idea, which we sent to our parents and siblings on Father's Day!

When we were ready to make the news public information we posted this picture on Facebook:

Since that time I have found more cute ideas to sharing the exciting news with family and friends!

Idea 1. For Sale or Trade for Crib....
This has a lot of cute possibilities for an adoption or pregnancy announcement!

Isn't Having Babies the Best?

Idea 2: Due Date TBD

Guess What?! We're having a baby....
through Adoption!!! Due Date: TBD

 Idea 3. Balloon Message!
Noelle&Adam FB banner

Idea 4. Only Child, Expiring.....
Have your child were this to the next summer picnic or BBQ! See who notices first! Have more than 1 child? Have all the children wear big brother or big sister shirts (including your youngest child)! Or try a T-shirt that says "Youngest Child, Expiring Soon"...

6. Signs, Banners, Chalk Boards, Etc.

7. Our Family is Growing by 2 Feet!
For more fun adoption photography ideas click here to check out our Pinterest board.

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