Thursday, May 9, 2013

Great Reads: Adoption Books for Kids

I love kids books! Reading books about adoption to my children will be one way I help them understand their story and normalize adoption. I have been working hard (really hard) at compiling a list of adoption books for kids on Pinterest. I started with one Pinterest board with adoption books for kids. But my list ended up so long - I had to start categorizing it! So now I have 10 (yes, your read that correctly 10!) Pinterest boards of adoption books for kids! I thought you might be interested in adoption books for kids too, so I am sharing here!

Know someone who is adopting? One of these books might just be the perfect gift!

Board 1: Adoption Books for Kids

This board is aimed at younger children and contains mostly picture books and fiction stories, but a few appropriate nonfiction/informational books too! A few of my favorites on this Pinterest board are:

Board 2: Adoption Books for School Age Kids and Teens

This board contains 23 pins. Some books are fiction chapter books others are nonfiction/informational books. I like:


Board 3: Adoption Books for Older Child Adoption

This board has books for children who were not adopted as an infant. It has 10 books pinned to it so far. You might like:

Board 4: International Adoption Books for Kids

This board contains 47 pins! A book pinned here that may interest you is:

Board 5: Foster Care Books for Kids

This board has 12 books pinned to it. You might like:

Board 6: Embryo Adoption Books for Kids

This board only has 2 books pinned to it so far, but I will keep adding books as I find them! This book looks like a good one:

Board 7: Domestic Infant Adoption Books for Kids

Right now this board has only 4 pins, but I will keep adding to it! My favorite is:

Board 8: Transracial Adoption Books for Kids

This board has 21 books pinned to it that are either about transracial adoption, race in general, or transracial families. I love:

Board 9: Open Adoption Books for Kids

This board has 6 books pinned to it. This one looks good:

Board 10: Adoption Books for Siblings

This board contains 15 books for children already in the family who will gain a new sibling through adoption. You might like:


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  1. Awesome! I am such a children's literature nut, and this is a great list! I've been trying to collect a few adoption books here and there as well, but your pin boards blow my little list out of the water! Thanks for your research, Katie!