Monday, April 29, 2013

New Week: Welcome the Wright Family

Happy Monday! Hope you are doing well! I grew up in a large family and love big families, so this week I am excited to introduce you to the Wright family!

Please welcome Paul and Kristin and their sons, Alex, Blake, and Cole. The Wrights will soon be going from a family of 5 to a family of 9! The Wrights are adopting a sibling set of 4 from Latvia! Soon, Ivars, Laura, Diana, and Aigars will join their family! You can follow their adoption journey on their Facebook page. Watch their video!

Guess what? This week not only will your donations be tax deductible, your donations will also be doubled! For every dollar you give, Promise 686 will match it with another dollar to help the Wright's bring their four children home from Latvia! The donate link below will lead to Promise 686's PayPal donation site where you can donate safely! Please pray for the Wrights, give $1, and share this post with all your family and friends! The Wrights will be traveling soon, so let's showered them with love! 


UPDATE: You gave $2,646 to help the Wrights bring home their children from Latvia! Since the Wrights had a matching grant, their total received will be  $5,292! Thanks You!

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  1. What an awesome way to invest in the Kingdom! I thank God for your willingness to open your hearts and home to these kids!