Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcome Home! (Update on Our Featured Families)

This is going to be one of the best blog posts I have ever written! Because it tells the story of families we helped unite!

Boswell Family

Our first featured family, The Boswells, our leaving for Ukraine to bring Edna home in less than a week! We raised $1,375 to help the Boswells bring Edna home. Follow their adoption journey here:

Sponseller Family

Remember our second featured family, the Sponsellers? You gave $1,383 to help with their adoption expenses! They just welcomed Daniel into their family! They are still in Ukraine finishing up their adoption. Learn more at their blog:

Daniel Sponseller! Now in a family!

Moss Family

In March, we raised $755 for the Moss Family! They are in Bulgaria right now completing their adoption of Maia! You can check their blog for lots of pictures and updates!

Maia Faith and her new Mama! Leaving the orphanage behind forever!

Gardner Family
We raised $1,006 for the Gardner family! They are on their first trip and have picked up their son. However they are not allowed to share pictures yet. They will need to make 3 more trips to Latvia to finish their adoption! They have lots of pictures on their blog from their trip:

McRoberts Family

In May we raised $257 to help the McRoberts bring home Edgars! Their adoption is now complete! Enjoy these two pictures of the McRoberts clan with their new son Edgars!



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